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Kernan had a chance to share how he started his businesses and the required skills to start a venture...

About Kernan

“The treasures in my life are all mistakes I did, which I should not do again. They are my big lessons.”

1990's Kid

A computer nerd way back in elementary school when his love of computer games started - it was the Apple II back then, played games like Montezuma's Revenge with his cousins... well mostly as an spectator.... and Contra at home with the popular family computer... then came high school... got his first Intel 80386 computer! became that nerd from that moment on...

2000's after graduation (San Beda)

Started his professional IT career helping manufacturing companies automate their processes (thru ERP systems like

***started to get serious... 2002 onwards (2010 went full time)

  • 2002, TECHSUPPORT.PH was born! with the focus on helping small businesses have their IT facility stable.
  • 2009, founded IMPEXTIC.COM a logistics company.
  • 2020, during the pandemic, started mainly to help manage his 100+ employees' time in and out for payroll processing purposes but later evolved serving existing and new customers not just locally - but globally.
  • 2020, started TECHSUPPORT.ONE for the international market

Fast forward today - kernan is still that computer nerd but now have served 1,000+ customers, supporting 3,000+ sites and thousands of computers worldwide (IT) also moved goods for 400+ customers throughout the Philippines (logistics).

If you have some time to spare, Kernan was featured at The Manila Times where he shared his success, failures, survival and life challenges... how it all started, almost closed shop and now moved on to new and greater challenges...

Here is the link: (may need paid access)

You can view the article in PDF here: Manila Times - Ripples in bits and bytes

Our Businesses

TechSupport.Ph is one of those very few technical support company in the Philippines that has been servicing customers close to 20 years (since 2002). It has served more than 1000 clients and currently supporting more than 3000 sites nationwide. All technicians are certified to provide high-quality customer service.

IMPEXTIC is a trusted and reliable logistics company in the Philippines that has served more than 400 customers since 2009. With its extensive transportation network and strategically located warehouses you are ensured that you'll get your shipment delivered safe to your destination on time and on budget.

TechSupport.One is the ultimate outsourcing partner in providing technical support for companies that have multi locations within a country or globally. Whether you need 24/7/365 support for a few members of your team or help you cover thousands of users or computers - you are assured to have peace of mind that someone has your back.

OneOffice is an online tool that helps businesses capture their employees time and attendance, productivity reports for submission to customers or internal team. Whether they are on the field, working from home or simply just in their office. OneOffice is there to make sure the right employees are being taken cared of,

About Helping

It is not just about making money

Helping people that can't do the same favor back is the true essence of helping....

Rotary engagements

Supporting regular feeding programs

Assist on eradicating Polio from the face of the planet

Annual gift giving

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Local but global

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